Number of girls to do sex chat with in goa - Jewish man dating gentile woman

David Sims said: Oh look, a Jew trying to lie to obfuscate a truth about Jews that he does not wish to be exposed.

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He would have gotten exactly the same flack if she had been Caucasian and not Jewish!

The same applies to blacks — if they are Jewish no one cares, if they aren’t the objection is to their lack of religion, not the fact they are black!

I notice that you did not actually contradict anything that I said about Mark Zuckerberg; however, you used a tone and a context that suggested that you did. Marc Lipshitz said: Yes, I actually DID contradict what you said about Zuckerberg or did you miss the fact that I said he got flack for marrying a non-Jew, and would have gotten the same flack regardless of the race of the woman!

But hey, no wonder an anti-Semite lying about Jews deliberately tries to misrepresent what I said! Yes, Mark Zuckerberg got flack for marrying a non-Jew, but he got flack specifically for marrying someone who is not Jewish by race.

The objection that Jews have isn’t toward someone practicing Judaism who marries someone who does not practice Judaism.

There are lots of Jews who are atheists, politely called non-observant, though in fact they are entirely non-religious.

There are Jews from every part of humanity — including Chinese Jews who used to be based in Kaifeng and have since mostly moved to Israel.

As far as Jews are concerned a convert is 100% Jewish and it has always been this way — we even have a book in the Tanakh number [!

But that just goes to show you that Jews (in general) frown upon race-mixing between Jews and others.

However, they definitely Whites, and they promote it with the mass media for news and entertainment just as often and as persuasively as they can.

If he had married someone who was Jewish by race but who was not Jewish by religious faith, then he would not have received any criticism.

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