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He has been able to make a legion of fan followers and was deeply into someone back in the past.

Well, we are very much familiar with Luke Benward and his relationship with actress Olivia Holt.

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But what is the relationship status of Luke Benward now?

Is he still with Olivia Holt or is just too busy to have a girlfriend? The lanky and glamorous actor Luke Benward is a total heartthrob.

Regardless, that doesn't rule out a secret relationship, or a romance that the actor chooses to keep private from his ever-growing fanbase.

We'll also have you know that Centineo and Benward are good friends outside of the digital realm, with Benward sharing this photo of himself with Centineo, alongside actors Sterling Beaumon and Jack Griffo, on November 1, 2018.

We love to see couple growing in love, and a few years back, Luke Benward and his then-girlfriend Olivia Holt was one of the cutest couples in the town.

As of now, there are a whirlwind rumors of them having an on-again off-again relationship.

The couple first met on the set of the Disney Channel Original Movie “Girl vs.

Monster.” Later, they were just inseparable and started dating since 2012, which Luke confirmed in a Skype interview.

: "I didn't know much about the book beforehand, but I read the script, and it's just such an honest screenplay and it really evoked some brilliant performances.

I think people are going to be really into it."From what we can tell through extensive prying, Benward appears to be single.

Ever since the lovebirds started dating 0n 2015, they were spotted together most of the time.

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