Ios 6 beta 4 not updating

There are many reasons that may lead to i Phone email won’t update.

Enable Background App Refresh If the methods we mentioned does not work, you can try to allow your apps to refresh their contents by enabling Background App Refresh. Go to Settings That’s all about the solutions on how to fix the issue that i Phone email not updating.

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Tap on the Download & Install button to begin the download process again.

Hopefully, this time the OTA update should be downloaded without any issues.

There’s an overarching design change in i OS 11 as well.

While i OS 7 was all about minimalism and thinness, i OS 11 is all about being big and bold.

The most notable changes are the new icons of some stock i OS apps, such as the App Store, Reminders, and Maps app.

Additionally, there’s a new zoom-in animation when you unlock your i Phone. While most users have been able to download and install the beta update without any issues, some are faced with a frustrating problem where the software update gets stuck on the “Preparing Update…” message and doesn’t seem to get past it.Make sure that you have a properly working internet connection to avoid interruptions during the download process.If you face the same issue again, follow the same steps as above to delete the OTA update from your device and reinitiate the download process.What’s going on with my email, how to solve this issue? We have found this question on Apple Community and there were over hundreds of i OS users also had this question. If your internet is weak or fails to connect, you won’t update the email. If it still disconnects to the network, you can go to reset your network to have a try. To help you and more other guys get rid of this issue, we write this guide to tell you what causes this problem and how to address it. If you just decide to wait until the message disappears or the issue magically resolves itself, then you’ll be disappointed because the update may remain stuck on that message forever.

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