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In fact, the purity and courtship movements were almost a kind of prosperity gospel that, instead of promising fulfillment through financial riches, held out the promise of sex and marriage to those who rigidly followed God’s will.

They also spoke of purity as a binary state that depended entirely on virginity.

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He sets up Skype calls with a whole list of people to hear their concerns and gather information about how they had benefited or suffered because of his books and the wider purity and courtship movements.

And then he sets out on a journey around North America to speak to a variety of people who were damaged by his book and had spoken against it. I don’t agree with a lot of my own book.” The film ends with him offering an apology to anyone who was in any way damaged by it.

here are times when a kind of weirdness settles over evangelicalism, when for a while people are swept away by strange and flawed ideas.

This usually happens when Christians are attempting to counter ideas that are prevalent outside the church.

But there are few who go so far as to later disagree with their sum and substance and to pull them from the market altogether.

Harris is one of the few who has done so, and I think this was a wise decision.

If the author can no longer in good conscience stand behind his books, it’s wise and right to apologize and to let them fade into history.

The dating and courtship movements represented a weird phase in evangelicalism and, as they finally fade, I think we are in a position to speak in much healthier and much more biblical ways about sexuality, about purity, about marriage, and about relationships.

He tells about it in the new documentary (available free online) titled .

He begins by describing some of the recent blowback against the book—mostly people taking advantage of social media to describe how it had negatively impacted them.

And along the way he began to re-evaluate and its two sequels.

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