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The dreaded big three-zero that many women did not look forward to reaching or else stopped counting birthdays after that milestone. Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 4.89 | Words: 3,191 | Tags: cock sucking hot sex anal spanking orgasm teasing | 14 Comments After cleaning up their dishes, they gathered their gear and headed over to the designated area.

There were already a number of people there, and a bonfire was already raging.

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A long table had been set up for any goodies people had brought along to share.

Gerry set the chair up next to an empty one, then hung the bag of popcorn on a Sheppard's pole holding a lantern set up next to the...

Naive Russian teen gf isnt sure about meeting her admirer. On the couch she gets a 25k proposition if he can do all he wants with her.

Our hardcore sex stories are for those who like "edgier" stories, pushing the limits.

He wanted to make sure nobody missed out on his warnings and instructions. Her sister, Amie and her husband, Baxter own a physio company called Baxter’s Sports Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento.

Her sister drove to Boulder the previous week, packed up my wife, went back home and her...

Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 2,785 | Tags: cougar one night stand | 7 Comments I go for a girls' night with my roommate, and end up getting fucked by a stranger! I came out of my room and screamed at Shauna to hurry.

I had on a little red dress, with a deep neck and no back.

Nothing is more erotic than a woman who gives everything without being boring and perfect. Gargling and bubbling it should, the saliva must flow and the...

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