Grand theft auto san andreas dating walkthrough

If you jack a gangbanger, you’re liable to get shot at as you drive away; by the same token, some drivers will attempt to jack you right back if you stick around their location too long.There are also some occasions where you’ll just get jacked out of the blue, usually while you’re in a bad part of town, so keep an eye out for people running to your driver’s side door and floor it if you spot anyone.In this guide, we’ll provide you with a rundown of the game’s weapons, a complete walk-through of the game’s many missions, locations for all of the hidden oysters, photo ops, graffiti tags, a listing of weapons, and the proverbial much, much more.

Anything not listed here will likely pop up as a mission reward, so it’s unlikely that you’ll miss anything.

Nothing’s quite as reliable as your feet when you need to escape from a sticky situation.

If you can nail a shot directly on a car’s gas panel, it should blow instantaneously.

Since this is nearly impossible to do on a moving target (let alone during a drive-by), this is really more of a party trick than anything else.

Of course, the cops will attempt to wrestle you out of your vehicle if you have any wanted stars, so you should keep moving if there’s any heat on you.

Driving One The basic car controls are the same as they were in previous GTA games for the PS2: the X button accelerates, the square button acts as a break, and the R1 button serves as your handbrake for tight, squealy, uncontrollable (but fun) 180-degree turns.Although GTA characters have always ran like big spazzes, CJ has a few improvements over his predecessors.For one, you can now increase his stamina by leaps and bounds at the gym, allowing him to run much longer than could Nameless Guy or Tommy Vercetti.Of course, different vehicles will handle in different ways, so try as many of them as possible and build an internal reference so that you’ll know which ones to avoid when you have to get away from the cops.Although the cops don’t seem to use spike strips in San Andreas, as they so annoyingly did in Vice City, you can still get your tires shot out by the police, or anyone else that’s shooting at you, for that matter.You can also usually cause someone to exit the vehicle by hitting it with a weapon, but they’ll sometimes decide to floor it instead.

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