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Selene - This Goddess was the Titan personification of the moon itself, unlike the later moon Goddesses Theia - Ancient Goddess of sight and the bright sky. She also had the gift of prophecy as she was responsible for the Oracle of Delphi before it was passed onto Apollo.

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Demeter - Goddess of the harvest and is most notably linked to the growing, preserving and harvesting of grain. Eris - Goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Rhea - An Earth Goddess, responsible for the fertility of the soil, women and motherhood.

She took over many of these roles from her mother Gaia. Themis - Greek Goddess of divine justice, order and customs.

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There is more information available on this site for the high-lighted Goddesses, including further details about their individual areas of influence, origins, family trees (where available), symbolism and Archetypes.

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