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Some refer to these as prototypes but prototypes wouldn't be sold at retail with warranty cards and price inserts as these were. First year of the gold-plated "Gillette Executive" adjustable, aka "gold Fat Boy".

Also first year of the "Gillette Adjustable" aka "Fat Boy" aka "red dot Fat Boy".

This page documents what we know about Gillette safety razor serial numbers and date codes.

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In this year only De Luxe models were numbered, starting with 1-D, and often the final D was omitted.

Dating Gillette Razors and Blades: "How old is this razor? Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly.

It also has a red dot on the neck near the adjuster ring and a red dot on the toggle switch. It was dated by the date code of 'B 1' on the included blades.

Technically it has 9 settings if you count the half-number marks in addition to the actual 1-5 numbered marks.

Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from 1904 until 1921, and on deluxe models from 1921 until 1931 (except for a period in 1927-28).

This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence.Last year of the rhodium-plated "Gillette Executive", Gillette's only USA-made fully rhodium-plated razor.Also, the 1950 Executive came with a blue-colored 10-blade "Blue Blade" dispenser and two 20-blade dispensers sealed in foil with a picture of the blue dispenser printed on each whereas the previous year, the 1949 Executive - same razor - came with a cream-colored 10-blade "Blue Blades" dispenser and two 20-blade dispensers each sealed in foil with black text printed on each.The "red dot Fat Boy" is considered by many to be a prototype but it was sold at retail with a warranty card. Also first year of the 9-settings "Gillette Adjustable" aka "Toggle" in the long blue plastic case. TV Special flare-tip Super Speed in red plastic case with clear "TV" marked lid this year only.Nickel-plated "Gillette Adjustable" aka "Toggle" this year only.Razor Date Codes began in 1950 and used the same system blades had used since 1930, a code that identified the year and calendar quarter of manufacture.

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