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These rooms allow you to add up to 8 friends to your video chat.Chat requests are sent out to your friends via notifications through the app or through SMS text messages. Leading the charge, recently released “House Party” is changing the way we video chat.

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These rooms come with filters to block out anyone not explicitly invited. This app is a two-way street; no video chat can begin without agreement from both users.

Currently, no privacy leaks or scandals have been traced back to this app.

If you wish to skip your phone number, you can also manually enter the House Party username of anyone you wish to chat with.

After creating an account, you are free to create “rooms” for separate video chats.

When video chatting, be sure you and your teen remember to switch the privacy filters on. However, as an extra privacy feature, House Party gives a “stranger danger” warning if an uninvited user sneaks into the chat.

This warning shows that someone’s mutual friend has decided to enter the chat room.Many times, this warning isn’t viewed with too much worry.Some teens admit that this is how some types of flirting take place over the app.After creating a unique username, you can add your phone number to give the app access to your contact list.This automatically allows you access to anyone on your list.Users enjoy friends’ company without buffering and other technical bugs.

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