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You can use it to take different input sources and pipe them into a Facebook Live stream. Grab a copy of OBS Studio from https://and install it to your computer.2. Login to the Facebook page you want to live stream from and click on “Publishing Tools”3. I checked “Secure Connection” for added security.5. You’ll see your stream from OBS appear in the Facebook Live viewer in your web browser.8.Click “Go Live” on Facebook to start your live stream!Plex is a must have app for cord cutting - which is why it comes installed on all SHIELD TVs.

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While a wired connection provides the lowest latency, it can be helpful to be untethered as well.

Here’s how to use an i OS device as a wireless video camera for your stream.1. Install Nginx (pronounced ‘engine-ex’) with Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) support using Homebrew.

While both give you access to live, local TV the different packages boast different cable offerings.

Sling Orange offers a plethora of great channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS, and many more, while Sling Blue is where you’ll find channels like NBC and NBC Sports Network.

HD Home Run and Live Channels are more similar than dissimilar, and which one you choose to use comes down to a matter of taste.

That said, while I like the visual aspect of HD Home Run’s channel listing, I prefer Live Channel’s Programming guide.

If you’re like my amazing friend Sarah Kassel and hosting your own Facebook Live comedy show — sometimes a single smartphone camera setup for Facebook Live isn’t enough.

What if you want to show different camera angles, cut to the audience, or overlay graphics?

Live Channels also lets SHIELD users DVR certain programs.

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