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The main reason why dating websites and apps require their members to provide a valid credit card is to avoid people that use fake profiles (fake name, age, photo etc.), bots, and scammers without even needing to charge the card.– The name, address, etc and all other information they enter on the dating site should match with the credit card info (account owner’s name and billing address, etc.) for the account to be approved, just like any other online purchases.– Even if they provide a valid credit card it won’t be accepted if they used a fake name, address, etc (we all know a scammer will never real his/her real name).Paid verification sites commonly cost around 5-10 USD.

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Also make sure you tried the alternative link we provided above.

Here are the possible reasons if you got charged while trying to get your Daters ID: No.

Verification services are extremely handy in helping online daters avoid getting scammed or catfished.

Safety should always be a top priority for those who participate in online dating, so making use of whichever means of personal verification available is always a good idea.

Confused by the different terms people are using to name this Dating Safety ID?

Different organizations around the world has their own terminologies for this ID but the name doesn’t matter at all, the purpose of the ID is the same nonetheless.

Online dating websites and apps are undeniably full of fake people specially free dating sites wherein members are not being monitored and verified, that’s why getting your own Hookup ID or Personal Protection ID is strictly required by all online dating services.

It’s not a perfect method for identity verification but until the Internet has the 100% guaranteed solution for this issue (online dating scams), this is the best possible option for staying safe at online dating sites and apps.

– Scammers / fake profiles will never enter their real name and credit card information in a dating site because it will reveal their identity.

Aside from providing a valid credit card, you must also meet the criteria specified below to get verified.

If you are looking for reviews from Hookup ID users, check out the comment section below.

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