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Live Links Urban is a phone dating line specifically designed for local urban singles looking to connect with one another.

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A vibe can’t be felt through texts or IMs, but it can be felt through the voice.

Hearing her warm, sultry voice coming through your phone, whispering the words you want to hear. We specialize in this feeling so come experience it now!

The service is commonly used in the United States and Canada.

You do not have to provide a visual profile to use this.

And there’s no better way to snack on your favorite M& M’ S candies than with an Green Bay Packers Candy Gift Jar.\n\n The starting lineup?

A sleek, clear plastic jar with the Packers logo on the lid.

During those times when I’ve felt most alone and vulnerable, Christ has been my strength and comforter.

Knowing that someone can relate to me (and that He loves me!

From new friendships to more long-term relationships, or even just a chance to have a great time, Live Links facilitates it all.

All the cute singles on this platform are real people looking for singles to spend time with - just like you!

One thing is for sure: you no longer need to stand awkwardly in a club perusing women, only to find the one woman you finally have the courage to ask out is already attached or just not interested.

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