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Perhaps you are thinking how painful it is to try on clothes, how weight has attacked your self-esteem, or how you are embarrassed to go to the beach on a hot day.Although the media would like to say that America is the only place that has obesity, that assumption could not be more wrong.I grew up playing with paper dolls, dutifully cutting figures out of Mc Call’s magazine week-after-week.

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However, please do not shy away from this page as it can offer you the support, kindness and friendship from others who know what it is like to face the same daily struggles that you do.

If you are one of the millions around the globe who deal with obesity each day, or even if you wish to share your diet and exercise tips with others since you have been obese, or you are working to live a healthier life, this obesity and diet web page is the right place for you.

We would like to connect you with a friendly support system by offering you this Obesity and Diet Chat Room, obesity and diet forums, and an obesity and diet social network.

Perhaps you are one of the more than 30% of Americans who are considered obese.

Often, I colored in the hair to a dark brown and added overwhelming freckles to the girl’s face.

Soon after my family got a computer in 1997, I started trolling AOL chat rooms, mostly ones dedicated ‘NSYNC.

has researched all weight loss options from gastric bypass surgery to lap band surgery and bariatric surgery.

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