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Not only have we not engaged in activities of this sort, we actively oppose this behaviour.When you tell to your friends that you’re ending another relationship, do they start to roll their eyes?Take some time out and use the argument as a way to find out more about your partner, rather than as a reason to head for the door. Beautiful people are everywhere – whether they’re in a Hollywood film or Tescos – and it would be a saint who didn’t notice.

In many Arabian cities a souk is at the very epicentre of their brilliance, usually the hub of trade and activity for the whole community.

Bristol’s Souk Kitchen aims to recreate this exciting and bustling experience Some great dates start before you’ve even reached your final destination.

If you find yourself ending a relationship on the grounds that you’re too busy, ask yourself the real reason. You feel weighed down by baggage Most people beyond the age of about 25 have emotional baggage.

By that age you’ve probably had the opportunity to have at least one serious relationship, and a few extra, unfortunate encounters with the opposite sex.

“We met by the harbour on our bikes beside the SS Great Britain and […] If, like e Harmony’s Mike, you’re looking for a first date idea that’s a little unconventional, then The Old Station & Carriage could be exactly what you’re after.

With dinner served in a carefully restored old Pullman train carriage – it’s not only outside the box, it’s outside the usual restaurant setting too.

I beg of you don’t say goodbye Can’t we give our love another try?

Come on, baby, let’s start anew ‘Cause breaking up is hard to do…

Neil Sedaka may have been guilty of understatement.

There always seems to be rules for dating, however nobody really knows exactly what these rules are!

Even bars advertising 2 for 1 cocktails at happy hour seem to be mocking our singledom!

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