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'The mass emergence of pottery was a kind of technical breakthrough associated with many aspects of human life and the level of economic development in different parts of the globe.

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Top 20 quakes in 2016: Several magnitude 7 quakes occurred in 2016 (but none above M8): Papua New Guinea, NZ, Ecuador, Solomon Islands, Sumatra, Chile, Alaska and others - nearly all major earthquakes were located near active subduction zones.

See the top 20 list of largest quakes in 2016 with this map.

However, it is good to consider the other side of the coin.

Not all guide books or expat blogs talk about the things that some may find unacceptable about living here.

Findings date back to 4640 - 4460 BC, this period borders with Valdivia, one of the oldest pottery-featured cultures in North and South America. During the excavations at Real Alto site (Ecuador), Russian scientists found fragments of ceramic vessels at a depth of 75 cm to 1 meter.

They belong to the insufficiently studied San Pedro complex.

FEFU researchers seek for common details and local options concerning the development of human civilization on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean -- in South America and East Asia.

Scientists compare the adaptation of the ancient man to environmental changes that influenced the economic, domestic and other aspects of the population.

Radiocarbon analysis by mass spectrometer showed the pottery dates back to 4640-4460 BC.

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