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I worked hard, and my record speaks for itself.” Travis Lane Stork was born in Colorado.He attended Duke University for his undergraduate studies, followed by medical school at the University of Virginia.Next thing Travis knew, he was in Paris, France for the taping of the show, with him being at the center of it all.

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Helping others is a given for those who enter the medical field, but Travis also said, “I just was never meant to be someone who was sitting all day in front of a computer,” he explains.

“Even though I was good at math, I feel like that [volunteer clinic] experience showed me that you can use science and also have the personal element.” Doctors are also not immune to getting their own medical issues.

Travis shot to fame with his appearance on The Bachelor in 2006.

While he may have started on the show, he has been on many others thereafter.

People have raised the question of if Travis is straight or a part of the LGBT community.

Whether that is anyone’s business remains open for discussion, but he had neither confirmed or denied any preference.

Travis’s claim to fame isn’t The Bachelor, in our opinion, it is his hosting job on The Doctors.

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