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It feels like Saturday will be day one – but in fact I’ve got a lifetime of experience behind me.” Stephanie transitioned at the same time as Caitlyn Jenner, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian who recently made headlines when she posed for Vanity Fair magazine.

She says she knew that Jenner was going through the same process as her, before it was made public.

But while I did fall in love I deliberately didn’t ever get married and have children because deep down I always knew transition at some point.

After 11 years with the station her career there ended without any prior notice.

Global Radio, which owns the commercial stations, announced that the DJ had decided to leave "to focus on the process".

“Whenever I saw her on TV, when she was still Bruce, I’d say ‘he’s transitioning’ because back then he had the same sort of androgynous look that I had because of the hormones we were both taking.

“Caitlyn did her transitioning in the public eye, which must have been very difficult.

It’ll be her first gig since leaving her old radio station, after announcing she would be going through gender reassignment to become Stephanie - in a move she was desperately worried could cost her the broadcasting career she loved.

But 12 months ago, having driven down the motorway fantasising about steering her car into the central reservation to make ‘it all go away’ one time too many, she decided to see her GP and discuss her options., but the Hollywood star offered up some real emotions on Tuesday (August 28) when she remembered her late ex-boyfriend Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein. While they broke up two months later in March 2007, the split was reportedly "mutual" and transitioned them back into a friendship.On the nine-year anniversary of his untimely death, the 34-year-old star took to Instagram to share a photo of Goldstein on a couch. I miss you every day, Adam," she wrote alongside the hashtag #djam." Moore and Goldstein had plenty of history before the pair started dating in early 2007 after reconnecting at a New Year's Eve party in Miami. They’re in the beginning stages of getting to know each other. “It suddenly hit me that until I did something about it I would still feel like this at 70.” But going public felt like an enormous gamble.Stephanie had huge success as the DJ Simon Hirst, with a breakfast show on Capital FM Yorkshire and a slot called Vinyl Heaven on Gold. According to press stories her worst fears appeared to have been realised after her bosses reportedly told her last June that – despite the overwhelming public support she received after announcing she was going to transition - it was in her best interests to come off air while she went through it.The date when the text exchange actually happened is unclear.

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