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If you'd like a board print of either one of these to take home, board prints can be done at Walgreen's, and for 60% off if we order all at the same time.

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Our latest project is a complete investigation and rethinking of the historical development of the Officers' Club at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

Our members of staff have dated buildings as diverse as Windsor Castle and Uncle Tom's Cabin (the Josiah Henson Site).

Lemmon, to experience our nearby Sky Island Don's Sky Island overview Depending on level of interest, this activity will start with breakfast at Bobo's, then depart by ~ AM and return by early afternoon.

Lecture: Physical and biological basis of tree rings (Steve Leavitt, confirmed, classroom) Speer: Botanical basis of dendrochronology Bowyer et al.: Tree growth & woody tissue Bowyer et al.: Composition & structure of wood cells Bowyer et al.: Softwood structure Bowyer et al.: Hardwood structure Vaganov et al.: Mechanistic model of tree-ring growth Steve's powerpoint slides Ongoing Dendrochronology on the Navajo Nation (Chris Guiterman, Classroom) Guiterman and Margolis: Vulnerabilities of Navajo Nation forests to climate change Savage and Swetnam: Fire decline following sheep pasturing in Navajo ponderosa pine Whitehair et al.: Fire regime in a cultural landscape of Navajo Nation Campfire chat: Principles: uniformitarianism (but, age effects & divergence) (Paul Sheppard) Speer: Uniformitarianism Szeicz & Mac Donald: Age-dependent dendroclimate modeling D'Arrigo et al.: Divergence Field demo: unsticking borers from trees (Paul Sheppard) • Phipps: How-to manual for processing increment cores (pages 18-20 cover unsticking borers from trees) • Yamaguchi: Retrieving a stuck borer • Loader: The "Decorum" borer unsticker A couple student presentations: background and research (bring a powerpoint with a few slides, e.g., a map, a couple field shots, research objectives), and expect to fill ~5-10 minutes of presentation and Q&A time. Please email Paul (email address above) your desire to do this half-day trip or not.

After deciding to specialize in dendrochronology, he received his academic training at Oxford University through a grant from English Heritage.

At Oxford he was a member of staff at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art and an assistant tutor on the master's degree course in Archaeological Science.

The ASDM is a world-renowned living museum of the Sonoran Desert, famously the "finest desert in the world." A must-see while in Tucson.

We have a group entrance rate of .00 per person, but we must commit to a number of people in our group ahead of time.

She is a partner in the Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory, where she records and researches the fabric of historic buildings, and has prepared numerous successful nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.

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