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Startups are about the opportunities, and to identify an opportunity, the founding team needs to do market research. One of them is when the CEO of a startup says, “We have no competitors.Just identifying the need and talking to customers is not enough. No one else has thought about this, we are the first ones!

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They tend to have advanced degrees, be in their late 20s, and be career driven.

Once you're in—should you be so lucky—the app rates you on your flakiness to deter users from ignoring messages or overswiping.

Why We Like It: Coffee Meets Bagel encourages users to take things a little slower by only giving them a certain amount of matches a day based on their profile settings.

This makes it easier to be thoughtful and really pay attention to the person behind profile rather than treating it like a game.

Similarly, it is important to think about who else may enter the market.

This is a much more difficult dynamic to predict because by definition, predictions are difficult.Happn, on the other hand, connects you with people who could conveniently located to anywhere you go, be it your office, the weekly errands you run, or the local bar you visited on a getaway.Why We Like It: Setting up your profile is probably the most fun you'll have.It's pretty much a game of Would You Rather, except you also get to vent and complain about annoying people, things, and events.Since it's rather new, the dating pool is a bit smaller than more mainstream apps, but we think the concept is fun: finding a connection based on mutual pet peeves.Part of the initial research is also understanding the competition. ” First of all, by definition all good ideas are competitive, and all real markets have competition. Either there is no customer need, or the opportunity is small and not compelling.

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