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Third, Tony Hillerman‘s Leaphorn & Chee series is about police officers fronting for the Navajo tribe.

Margaret Coel doesn't seem to have an upcoming book.

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In their quest for information, the duo witnesses fraudulent transactions.

However, they had not bargained to a connection dating from the Old Time; incidentally, this time-frame denotes a bygone era when the members of the Arapaho tribe were uprooted from their ancestral lands after which they were taken to and resettled in the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Her 2000 book titled The Spirit Woman won the Colorado Book Awards in 2001.

Her 2002 book called The Shadow Dancer won her the 2003 Colorado Book Awards.

Bibliophiles who read the work of Margaret Coel also enjoyed the following.

One, Aimee Thurlo’s Ella Clah series; this is about an ex-FBI member called Ella Clah currently working with a Navajo police force. Doss’ Charlie Moon series is about an investigator-cum-rancher named Charlie Moon; to solve mysteries, he needs a sharp mind and supernatural intervention.Another award is the Willa Cather Award, under the Best Novel of the West category, which Margaret Coel won thanks to her 2010 book titled The Spirit Woman.Furthermore, she became a finalist for the Spur Award under the Best Novel category.Her 2004 book called Wife of Moon won Coel the 2005 Colorado Book Awards in the mystery category.Winning the 2011 Colorado Book Awards for her 2010 book called The Spider’s Web followed hot on Margaret Coel’s heels.The first book portraying characters O’Malley and Holden was initially published in 1995, called The Eagle Catcher, and the acclaimed series of books are filed away as mystery genre.

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