Daughter dating loser what to do

Bachelor #1 Age: 30 Occupation: Part-time Grocery Store Clerk Education: Sasquatch High School Income: ,000 Net Worth: ,000 Personality: Poser, easily jealous, delusional, and crude.Extremely unmotivated to work unless it’s working on his Dungeons & Dragons strategy.

Power to them for working hard rather than complain why the world isn’t fair.

But out of shape guys who look like child predators and still live at home with their parents probably should be avoided.

It’s as if some women are genetically wired to be attracted to trouble.

Let’s go through an exercise to try and understand why women go out with suboptimal men.

Very insecure because he’s almost 30 and still doesn’t know what to do with his life.

All he sees is people his age doing better than him online so he’s constantly depressed.

It’s hard to imagine it’s been over 20 years since Woody Allen at age 55 pursued 19 year old Soon-Yi.

Men are dirty dogs, yet women love us all the same.

Altogether this post will have the perspectives of 15 different men and women to better understand The following are five bachelors molded after real people currently looking for love.

Have a read of their profiles and tell me which one(s) you prefer.

Guys love to hate him, but overall, he has a good heart and wants to settle down now that he’s turning 35 and had his fun.

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