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“Best friends are there for each other, support each other, and like to have fun together.I often tell my hubby I feel like we’re having one very long sleepover.” With work, social commitments, and other family members competing for your time, it may be difficult to allocate one-on-one time with your spouse.If you've ever been dumped, your friends have probably comforted you with the cliché sentiment that sometimes things just don't work out, and even if you felt like you were right for each other, "timing is everything." Or in other words, you can love the shit out of someone and they can love you back just as much, but that isn't always enough to result in marriage. egg scenario: Do we get married when we find the right person, or do we get married to whoever's around when we decide we're finally ready? In a quest to unfurl this great mystery, Twitter user Toni Tone asked men to weigh in on a that very platitude after seeing it on Instagram.

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But making a point to do so—and enjoying it—can keep your relationship stronger in the long run.

“One of the very most important things is enjoying doing things together,” says Tom Wilbur, who has been married for 49 years.

He’s just there to give his friend a little push, but if he’s too obvious or overpowering, the whole thing falls apart.

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Is this statement completely false or does it hold some truth?

— TONI TONE (@t0nit0ne) April 1, 2018 Before you immediately say to yourself, "this is absurd, the timing is always right when you find the right person," you should take a scroll through some of the responses men sent to Toni.

pic.twitter.com/auw Lg XTE3A— TONI TONE (@t0nit0ne) April 1, 2018"I wanted to marry a girl but I made her wait about 2-3 years on me while I learned to become a man.

Now we don't even talk because she feels like I was f*cking with her time". No two marriages are the same, and if there's a perfect way to know when it's the right time, no one actually knows what that looks like.

From the small gestures that keep the romance alive to tips on overcoming the challenges most twosomes face, we’ve gathered advice from couples who’ve stuck it out for 40 years or more. Being friends before you enter into a romantic relationship may cement your bond years down the line.

“We were friends for several years before we started officially dating,” explains Silvana Clark, an author and speaker who has been married for 40 years.

“This gave us time to know each other and have a realistic understanding of our personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.” As your relationship progresses, don’t forget to maintain your friendship along with the romantic side of your relationship.

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