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A woman wants to get to know you first, not worry that you’re going to pressure her into being your girlfriend 30 minutes into a first date.

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They create a resume that only focuses on their skills and accomplishments.

Or they write a sales pitch trying to convince women why they should choose Spell check and review your grammar!

When most men write their online dating profile, they go about it the wrong way.

They pen a factual biography that details their life story.

Or say “I’m terrible at these summaries.” or “This is still a work in progress.” You’re adding no value to yourself.

In fact, you’re conveying that you aren’t creative. Yeah, you may be able to fool some people onto first dates that they might not have gone on otherwise.

Include your successful career or high income (if it’s part of the questionnaire). Let me know about your annual weekend getaway to ski in the Rocky Mountains. Getting my daily news from various sources helps me understand other people’s viewpoints. I bungee jumped off the Macau tower and I’ll never forget it. Speak proudly about your family, if they’re important to you.

I know you’re nervous it will attract “gold diggers”, but many quality women desire a driven, successful partner. Paint a picture of your lifestyle so she can envision how awesome life would be with you. I may or may not have passed out from laughing so hard one too many times.” Mix up your sentence structure. That could include your parents, siblings, pets, or children.

Also, being hostile towards the opposite sex is the surest way to have women run away.

Talk about how your profile is still under construction.

Also, the more detail you have, the easier it is for her to find something to comment on when responding to your message. Sharing your unique experiences and hobbies is a solid start. In almost every study, family men rank as very attractive to women.

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