Dating paraplegic and quadraplegic

But when I was injured, I thought I had lost it all.Then I discovered the Bellyak, a kayak for quads and others, and I regained my love of the water and my ability to go kayaking.I was 16 years old the first time I picked up a dirt bike. I loved the power and the speed of the bike and the ability to go almost anywhere I wanted to go off-road.

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I was transferred from the hospital to Care Partners, a private, nonprofit healthcare organization serving Asheville, North Carolina, and the surrounding region.

The first thing I was taught in physical therapy was how to operate a power wheelchair.

The keys are in it.” Without even thinking, I got in the car, turned it on and started driving toward my house.

When I left the house party, everything else became a blur.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be drinking and driving, I drank more than I should have. After awhile, I told my friend who had taken me to the bar and house party, “I’m ready to go home.” He told me, “I’ve had too much to drink.

I can’t drive.” The person who was having the house party said, “Take my car.Sign up now Already have an account with Able Thrive? I loved the water, and I loved everything about the outdoors.While I was in the hospital, I really didn’t take my injury very seriously, because when I rode my dirt bike, I was always crashing, breaking bones and having to be stitched up. I’ll be fine.” I didn’t really understand that this type paralysis could last forever.After all those crashes and hospital visits, I thought I’d heal and be able to do the same things I’d done in the past. I didn’t realize how severe this accident was until I started physical therapy. However, today although I have no finger function, I do have biceps and triceps function.The officer said the vehicle rolled over four times before it hit a tree. When I came out of the coma, I saw a nurse and asked her, “Did I kill anybody? But if I hadn’t killed anybody, I realized I could live with myself, and that whatever life had to offer me would be okay – if I was the only person who had gotten injured.

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