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The best thing to do is to think of a first date as an experiment. Either she, or you, may not feel a connection and if so, that’s totally OK.

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If you avoid sharing your true feelings or (even worse) start giving her advice about her other relationships, it will only reinforce that you are playing the role of the dating doctor in her life and not her romantic partner.7. Some women will talk to you or text you enthusiastically, yet still avoid meeting up.

If this happens, it’s often a sign she’s not interested. A woman’s resistance to your advances and invitations are one of the main ways she tells you she’s not interested. If you would like to take a girl out to dinner, tell her that very clearly.

There’s no reason to get turned down more than you need to, and rejection ain’t pretty.

It’s best to save face and find that girl who is really interested.

What To Do: Women typically make smaller gestures with their body language than men do, so if you move closer and she seems to move back, it’s a sign she’s not ready for any advances yet.

Just move back to where you were before and take some time to get to know each other.

Keep in mind, if she moves closer to you, it’s one of the 3. Too many times, men try to come up with a good excuse for why a woman might not be responding to their text messages.

The truth is, if a woman is unresponsive to texts, she’s likely receiving them and is choosing not to reply.

If you are clear that you’d like to do something alone and she still insists on bringing a friend, you can clarify that you’d “really like to have some time to get to know her better, and you would love to meet her friend some other time.” If she still backs out after this, she may not be interested in something romantic.5. Often a girl will agree to meet for a date just so she has some time to see if she feels a connection or not.

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