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Maaf terlambat, dan bila ada translasi yang kurang.Episode yang cukup lucu bagi saya terutama ulah Kevin dan peristiwa naas yang menimpa Jared.Some formats such as Clone CD can only be used on Windows computers, and these formats are generally not chosen for use in the standards.

All groups are expected to know and follow the standards.

The first part of a standards document usually defines the format properties for the material, like codec, bitrate, resolution, file type and file size.

For example, scripts can read ID3 information from MP3s and sort releases based on those contents.

Rules for naming files and folders are an important part of the standards.

The new RAR naming format, name.part001.rar, removes the limit, although the individual split archives continue to be 50 MB for historical reasons and because the old RAR naming format is still being widely used.

Different compression levels are used for each type of material being distributed.

The reason for this is that some material compresses much better than others.

Movies and MP3 files are already compressed with near maximum capacity.

These releases have content that is not further compressible without loss of quality, but also have small enough files that they can be transferred reliably without breaking them up.

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