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The questions were designed by the show's writers to elicit sexy answers. Paul, is survived by his wife, former Miss America Nancy Fleming, a sister, five children, two stepchildren and four grandchildren.The show's signature signoff was Lange and the contestants lined up, leaning back and throwing a big smooch at the camera. Like most people, you probably reach around to the back of the market's dairy case for the freshest milk, and sort through the meat packages to pick the pork chops with the latest date.

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“I understand the argument about using frame 24 but #31(the Steelers player whose back dominates half of the frame) ruins the moment for me.”One of the best photographers covering sports today is Elsa Garrison of Getty Images.

She said she would stick with the photo of Tittle alone. the frame selected is clearly the stronger picture,” she said.

Paul's Jim Lange, who rubbed broadcast elbows with Casey Jones and Steve Cannon before seizing fame as the original and best-known host of the legendary "Dating Game" television show during the 1960s and 1970s, has died. Thomas Academy and the University of Minnesota, died Tuesday from a heart attack at his home in the Bay Area community of Mill Valley, Calif. Lange's broadcast career in the Twin Cities was launched after attending an audition on a dare as a teenager to do the sports and be a disc jockey on a local radio station.

"They wanted a boy and a girl," he said in a 1992 interview with the Bay Area Radio Digest.

However, she said, the frame with Saul may have been considered a more obvious choice for a Pittsburgh publication, since a Steeler was in the frame.

Photo editor for Al Jazeera America Vaughn Wallace (a Pitt graduate and former Post-Gazette intern) said he gravitates to the moment between Saul and Tittle.

“While the previous frame is certainly a nice moment and a fine image, Tittle’s face is a bit harder to see than the second picture.

Tittle’s stunned, dazed expression and his isolation is what makes the second picture the better of the two,” he said.

And what The Post-Gazette’s Peter Diana has been shooting professional sports in Pittsburgh for decades — you may have seen his front-page picture of Martavis Bryant’s somersault catch this past Sunday. “I love the isolation, his hands on his knees, finally taking a breath, someone who left it all on the field,” Diana said.

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