Dating french candlesticks

Although brass, silver and silver plated candlesticks better reflect candle light, especially when highly polished, other materials are more suitable to experimental and interesting shapes and designs.

Glass, for example, was a common medium for the creation of highly decorative candlesticks and candelabras.

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Very high class pieces were executed in silver and gold, but very few gold examples have survived.

Early brass candlesticks are considerably heavier than their later counterparts.

Ceramic is another material that offers a wide range of possibilities to collectors.

Candleholders were made of everything ranging from the simplest redware pottery to the finest Meissen white porcelain.

Considering that each household usually had more than one candlestick, this meant that many late Georgian and Victorian examples survive.

These mass produced candlesticks are lighter in weight and their details are usually less sharply defined, unlike on the cast exemplars.

Before closing, I would like to list another peculiar collectable candle device – a candle lantern.

Candle lanterns were used for outdoor illuminations.

Snuffers were considered a necessity in the days of tallow candles, which usually had very thick wicks and produced rather unpleasant smells.

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