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The key difference between “guidelines” and “steps” is that “guidelines” are more general and have to be adapted to each lady.

Steps on the other hand, are more foolproof and “brainless”.

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Want to know if a East-Asian/Singaporean lady likes hello kitty? So my advice to you is–if you are dating a Finnish lady, look out for the hidden girl in her.

It could seriously be very silly things like glitter, crystals, lace, ribbons, pink, or colourful things.

How nice is it to have a Finnish lady who loves you just as you are.

🙂 — Finnish ladies–or Nordic ladies in general– are super independent.

For example, I haven’t heard of a guy who is rejected by a Finnish girl because he is not rich enough.

But I have heard of quite a handful of East-Asian/Singaporean ladies rejecting guys because of their financial status.Always remember to compare the hair root colour to the rest of the hair strand.So, to me, Finnish ladies are pretty meticulous and pay close attention to details.Mingle2 is full of hot Finland girls waiting to hear from you. In fact, if you want to get a Finnish Girlfriend, you should just treat her like how you would treat any other lady, and not go by nationality.Also, usually the colour of the manicure matches the colour of what they are wearing. Try to pay closer attention in future– Finnish girls really tend to have close-to-perfect manicures, and not manicures that are “anyhow” and hastily applied! It is tempting to think that blonde is just blonde, but that is not true.

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