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reflecting the timeline of production only within each model.

This system allows for pretty precise estimates of production figures per model in this period: the highest (known) SN suffix of a model indicating the total number produced – summing up to an estimated total of 2160 units.

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However all missing numbers between the lowest and highest documented SNs of an assumed model batch can be "interpolated" i.e.

tentatively identified (with high probability) to also be examples of that same model.

Note: Theoretically, such SN gaps may include a small batch of a third model.

Note: These extrapolated totals in the right column of Fig.

Interpolation methods enable us to "fill in" undocumented SN/model pairs within assumed batches – i.e. 3: Interpolation of missing SN/model pairs within an assumed batch/SN range of the same model (example).

ranges of SNs exclusively assigned to one model (see example in Fig. Note that in many cases the very first and last SNs of a batch cannot be determined as long as there are SN gaps to the adjacent batch of a different model.

(SN stamped on headstock.) During WW2 electric instrument production was halted. Some electric models from 1949 and all Hawaiian guitars from 1950 onwards use "special" SN systems. a run or batch of a model was assigned SNs of a consecutive number range.

(SN stamped on headstock or bridge unit.) Details see chapter 6. Epiphone acoustic instruments: Dating of serial numbers – revised SN/year charts My research has led to a slightly revised dating approach for Epiphone SNs. The subsequent SN range was then assigned to the next following production run of a different model, and so on.

However note: Based on our current research data we are not certain whether Epiphone's pre-war electric instruments (partly) shared the same SN system with their amplifier models – or if they rather employed two separate SN systems of the same number range "in parallel".

This (open) question has a profound impact on calculated (interpolated/extrapolated) estimates of production figures.

Based on our registry data, similar charts and conclusions can be made for any model or time period.

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