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You must have pages 18 & 22 of the PHS packet signed and notarized. Do not sign it yourself until you are with the notary (This must be done prior to the delivery of your PHS. Select one of two options to submit your Personal History Statement.This notary service will NOT be available at the Academy.) Local Notary Resource Links: ​ 1. Note: The hiring process may take approximately 3 - 8 months, or more, depending on factors such as when you apply, your eligibility, the number of applicants, the date of the next available academy etc.If you are serious about becoming a Seattle Police Officer, we strongly recommend you attend a test prep workshop before taking the police exam.

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Copies of emails from police officers to the department's support division to request radio repairs obtained through public records request by North and the USA Today Network New Jersey, show the officers' frustration with the equipment. 21, Officer Justin Vallier, in an email request for radio repairs after his failed during a response to a possible bank robbery in progress, wrote: "THIS IS ANOTHER POSSIBLE DEADLY SITUATION WHERE OUR CPD RADIOS DID NOT WORK PROPERLY," his all caps message reads.

Officer Andrew Alvarez's email to the support division illustrates the dangers of not being able to communicate with headquarters. I tried to radio for dispatch to send more units to help. Upon handcuffing the party I tried to radio dispatch to advise them we handcuffed the suspect," reads the email.

In the dark — face to face with two wanted and fleeing theft suspects — Clifton police Sgt. After Smith's radio failed, he reached into his pocket for his cellphone and used it to notify Clifton police headquarters of his exact location in Kearny, where the police chase that had begun in Clifton came to a halt.

Alan Fiorilla, in the application to request a new system.

Physical Ability Test Prep Info (PDF) The video below will demonstrate proper push-up and sit-up techniques that will be required of you to pass the physical ability test.

The Seattle Police Department is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in its workforce.

Since 1868, thirteen officers have died in the line of duty in Buchanan County. Arn (bottom left) was murdered in 1998, and Missouri State Patrol Sergeant Robert G.

The two most recent additions to the list were killed by armed suspects.

A parent there to pick up his child from an event at the nearby elementary school "recognized the situation" and asked the officer if there was anything he could do to help.

"I instructed him to call 9-1-1," reads Smith's report of the incident.

"I attempted to communicate with headquarters via my handset but they could not hear me," reads Smith's police report. There have been numerous recorded in the last 20 years. The situation "presents a serious danger to our police officers and also a danger to the community we serve," wrote Lt.

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