Dating a married man whose wife is dying

If your husband was still alive, how would you feel if he was doing the same thing your lover is doing?I’m sure you can do better than falling for someone who can never be completely yours.I don’t want to be part of his life and I don’t want to complicate my child’s life as he’s still mourning his dad and he’s only nine years old. READ MORE: I wish vows were enough when it comes to African marriage Answer Condolences for your loss.

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He has said he’d like to make me his second wife but now I’m confused by his wife’s behaviour.

It doesn’t sound like she’d be happy if he took a second wife.

But I recognized the very real possibility that my grief was part of me now, and that I’d never truly be without it again.

I wanted to be respectful to the other people in my wife’s life who’d also lost her.

Over time, the waves would be smaller and further apart, then a new droplet would fall and start the process all over again — a draining faucet trickling empty. About a year after her death, I felt ready to start looking for another partner.

When you lose someone, there’s a feeling of being under a microscope, your every move examined by friends, family, coworkers, and connections on social media. Like grief, the timeframe for each individual’s readiness is variable. Two things determined my own readiness to date: I’d accepted the loss and was interested in sharing more than just a bed with a woman.

Now may not be the best time for your child to deal with such a complicated matter.

If the children want to get to know each other it should happen when they’re both old enough to understand what happened.

It’s such a waste of your time and energy to focus on a relationship like this.

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