Dating love in honduras

Talking to a well traveled girl from Tegucigalpa, She told me that that La Ceiba is actually more dangerous than San Pedro. There is more lawlessness as the local police force is out gunned.

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When the sun goes down, the shops close for a reason.

The everyday hustle and bustle turns into scenes from a zombie movie.

San Pedro is the most populous city in the country so it’s not surprising that you will run out of tinder swipes in 20 minutes.

Latin American Cupid has about 25 active girls, IF that, and there is no “Honduran Cupid”.

I guess that is why all the sexy ladies don’t go out to any more.

Even for travelers fluent in Spanish, I wouldn’t recommend mainland Honduras. For all the negative press Honduras gets, Roatan is its polar opposite.

Then there are the tourists hunters who will want you to pay for their “company” or find a way to get money out of you. From there ask the locals for any other spots that they might recommend.

The big selling point for Roatan is how tourist friendly it is.

The tourist, who, like you is there to have a good time.

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