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* Females are females and they do not need to act it for you to know.However, a Thai Ladyboy is usually too self-cautious.There are lots of places you will most certainly find a Thai Ladyboy and below is a list of the places they visit.

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* Thai Ladyboy is usually very tall beyond what can be perceived as the average for females.

Although a handful of women in Thailand are taller than 180cm, the majority of Thai Ladyboys go well beyond this height.

This is often a way of boosting their self-confidence.

* One of the easiest ways you can identify a Thai Ladyboy is to look at her shoulder.

Pattaya and Phuket, in particular, appear to have the highest concentration of Thai Ladyboys.

Some have even claimed that they are the most beautiful in the world.

Men usually have larger shoulders and feet than women and inasmuch as gender reassignment surgery takes care of the facial appearance, little or nothing is usually done to get rid of the broad shoulders and big feet.

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