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In some states, such as California, it’s necessary to contact the county Superior Court in which the divorce occurred.

In other states, the divorce records may be filed in the county’s civil records or family law division(s).

Alternatively, a private database service or the state in which the divorce is registered may charge a fee.

It’s possible to access anyone’s divorce records from a personal computer or through the state’s Vital Statistics and Records division (or through its Department of Health).

If you need divorce records in a hurry, using a private service to obtain them may be the fastest way to obtain them.

You may find the names of persons who have outstanding warrants in the City of Newport News by selecting the letter corresponding to the last name.

If you know the location of a person listed, please contact the Newport News Police.

Frequently, the fastest way to get the divorce records you’re looking for involves sending a fax or certified request.

Public Divorce Records: Authorized or Informational Copies In some states, it might not be possible for anyone other than one of the parties of the divorce to obtain certified records.

Access Public Divorce Records from a State Vital Records or Department of Health Office Once you have basic information about the divorced couple, contact their state’s Vital Records or Department of Health.

In some areas, divorce records are maintained in the state’s Superior Court system.

• However, informational divorce records usually bear a highly visible legend that prevents the holder from using it to establish identity.

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