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I'm Michael "Mike" Milligan MBE, made his first appearance on 8 January 2002 in series 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Tracy Returns to The Dumping Ground and departed in The End! Mike returned in series 5 during the episode Caring and Sharing as a temporary care worker.He became head care worker in Operation Careworker.Mike returns in series 5 as Elm Tree House's new chef.

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Mike forgives Ryan Reeves (Lewis Hamilton) and agrees not to tell everyone. Tyler Lewis, portrayed by Miles Butler-Hughton, made his first appearance on 6 January 2012 in series 3 of Tracy Beaker Returns during the episode Slow Burn: Part 1.

In Slow Burn, Carmen recognises him as the young joker whom she blames for nicking her stuff while she was at Burnywood, after he and three other children from Burnywood arrive at Elm Tree House following a fire.

Carmen immediately resents and is unsympathetic to Jody and feels that her presence is intrusive.

When she reveals she is afraid to take a bath, Tracy entices her with bath jelly, which Jody seems to like.

Mike makes his first appearance in the first episode of "The Story of Tracy Beaker"; he is a care worker at Stowey House, and has been for some time – he is already on good terms with Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer), thinking she's a 'good kid on the whole'.

He leaves at the end of series 1 after an emergency call in another care home.

The character of Mike returns in "Tracy Beaker Returns", appearing in every episode of the show; it is implied that he never left Elm Tree House and continued to act as Head Care Worker.

Mike is first seen with Gina Conway (Kay Purcell) when he is saying that they need more staff.

As a result of this, Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer) and Mike to get to know each other again and become closer.

In the third series of the show, Mike is offered an MBE and accepts it, and later in the series he only just survives when a roof falls on him.

In 2016, she had a recurring role in Coronation Street.

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