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Isahpíishchoosish/White Moccasin Top (mid 1600's) Daxpitchée Daasítchileetash/Bear Whose Heart Is Never Good (mid-1600's) Following a dispute over the distribution of a buffalo paunch, this leader separated his group from the Hidatsa and joins the Ashalahó/Many Lodges in Crow Country. Chíilapkalishtachiash/Young White Buffalo (late 1600's) During the time of this leader, we obtained our first steel knives from the Hidatsa.This leader was also the first to bring horses to the Apsáalooke.Itchúua Chíash/White Temple, known also as Iron Bull/Uuwatchiilapish (ca.

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Daxpitcheehísshish/Red Bear (around 1807 to 1860s) A noted Mountain Crow chief and warrior during the 1840's and 1850s.

Chíischipaaliash/Twines His (Horse’s) Tail or Rotten Tail (about 1800 to 1867) Leader of the River Crow band during the 1840's and head chief of the Crow Tribe during the 1850's and 1860's; an outstanding medicine man and war party commander (pipe carrier).

Iisaakiiwaanníash/Plays With His Face (early 1700's) A fearless leader who once escaped certain death at the hands of the enemy by jumping off a cliff, and using his buffalo robe like a parachute.

Itchuuwaaóoshbishish/Red Plume (Feather) At The Temple (born ca.

Native American brides often wear red or other bright colors instead of white to their ceremony, and their dress may be passed down through generations, according to Native Net.

Depending on the tribe, location, and type of wedding, some women and men may wear modern wedding attire.Shíipdeetash/No Intestines or No Vitals (mid-1400's) His vision of the sacred Tobacco seed led to our migration from Spirit (Devils) Lake to Crow Country.Chíitdeehisshish/Red Scout (mid-1400's) Brother of No Intestines.Daasáwatash/One Heart (early 1600's) The population of our people had grown and we were prosperous.This leader was killed by One Eye for murdering his brother.Issaatxalúash/Two Leggings, known also as Apitisée/Big (Whooping) Crane (born mid-1840's, died in 1923) A prominent River Crow chief, war leader, and reservation-era chief.

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