Consolidating styles in word

To save yourself time and effort, please use our Dissertation Template (link available in the box to the right).Many of the correct settings are already included in that document.This allows you to edit the subdocuments separately.

It allows you to combine multiple Word files into a single Word file.

A master document is a Word file that contains links to a set of other, separate Word files, called subdocuments.

This online guide is intended to show you how to use the tools to make the necessary modifications.

While we do follow the requirements from Rackham’s formatting guidelines to demonstrate the tools, in the end, you are responsible for verifying that your document meets the requirements that Rackham sets.

If so, you probably know that Word doesn’t always play well with them.

It’s usually smarter to split your long documents into multiple Word files.

Some screenshots may come from a previous version of Word, but remain relevant.

To meet Rackham’s Dissertation Formatting Guidelines – as well as any set by your school or department – you will need to modify the default, standard Word document.

Members of the University of Michigan community can get dissertation & thesis formatting assistance at Scholar Space: Located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library, please visit our website to view our current hours.

Call ahead (647-7406) or visit this link to make an appointment.

We also show you how to easily add a table of contents to the beginning of the master document.

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