how to avoid dating a potential stalker - Cmt dating show sweet home alabama

M., ET/PTThis season, 11 city slickers and 11 country guys will live together in a house in Fairhope, Ala.

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Cmt dating show sweet home alabama

There are also contestants from Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Plus many of the guys are coming from either New York or California.

” Ultimately, Glassman says that she only shed her image within the house, but she also taught the others in there what she considers a valuable lesson. There’s a lot that goes on in this show that people will learn.

The girls learned so much, they learned not to judge someone by what you read about them,” Glassman says.

The girls will be split into two groups, “city” and “country” (there is no "home wrecker" set) and were both aware of Glassman’s reputation coming into this.

Glassman, will be one of 22 female suitors vying for the heart of Tribble Reese, the runner up from the show’s first season. “I was never a homewrecker; everything that the media has portrayed me as is false, from the littlest to the biggest things," she tells the .

Kelsey Smith – Tuscaloosa Alabama Kelsey Smith is a true Southern belle having been born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

She is currently studying to be an elementary school teacher at Shelton State Community College and has volunteered at a local school for the past four years.

"I had no idea I would be verbally attacked at first." Hailey Glassman came into the house wanting to clear her name, but the whole concept of the show - and Reese - led her down an entirely different road.

“Ever since [the Gosselin incident] happened I have been tortured, and my name has been scarred from that.

“Everyone from work, I used to work at Calera, they’ve been messing with me,” Squires said, laughing. We’re all tight friends and family, so they all pick on me.” As for Duke, Squires said he thinks he has “a great shot with her” because they have a lot in common.

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