Clamav not updating virus signatures

This won't have any affect on detection, and is an optimization on our backend for detection distribution.If there are any questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to us on the Clam AV-Users list. Also, is there a way to download them automatically?

A lot of web based projects allow the upload of files from unknown sources, specially those apps that are public (available widely on the internet).

Those files end up in the server, but nobody verifies whether the file is malicious or not.

The Clam family is big and there is more then just Clam AV and Clam Win ( I can make a list of all the AVs that run the Clam AV engine if you want).

Also, you should not that Clam AV does not have type of dynamic/heuristic way to block malware, so some - most of those signatures will not last long and will need to be updated often.

* We detect any kind of malwares : exe, html, android, mac, and even spam !

* Daily updated * The signatures are quite generic and each signature can detect several malwares * Very few false positives * Typical usage : web servers (scan your hosted websites), mail server (antispam signatures), proxy (catch malwares during surf), and of course workstations.

Securite provides additional signatures for Clamav/Clam Win.

Here are the features : * 0-day malware signatures, based on real malwares on the wild. * Detection rate increase up to 80% on 0-day malwares.

I will download them myself and make some use of them.

Are these signatures simple md5/hash signatures or are they more complex?

The basic sigs that were available to me after registering amounted to about 1/2 of the signatures in the Clam AV main database.

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