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All you have to do is hit the “restore” button that pops up.Whats App also automatically saves the last seven days of backups to your phone.Whats App announced that backups of chats saved to Google Drive that haven’t been used in more than one year will be deleted starting Nov. While that may sound like a bad deal, your Whats App messages won’t count against your Google Drive storage cap going forward.

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You’ll see a button that says, “back up.” Clicking on it will backup your messages.

Whats App will try to save your backups to your SD card first if you have one.

The .crypt12 extension is the newest in a long series of file types Whats App has used.

If you haven’t used the app in a while, there’s a chance you may still be using an older version.

If that is the case, you might find the file is a .crypt11 or .crypt10. Leave it as you find it or Whats App won’t be able to read it.

Once you’ve found and renamed the file, uninstall and reinstall Whats App and tap the “restore” button when it pops up.You can also choose to let Whats App backup your messages over Wi Fi and cellular or force it to do so over Wi Fi only.Note that every new automatic backup to Google Drive overwrites the last one, so, if you mistakenly delete something, you need to restore your messages before the next backup replaces the one you need.If you use an SD card, you can find them in a folder called “Whats App/databases.” If you don’t, you’ll find them in a folder with the same name in your internal storage.Whats App backups use the following file names: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1crypt12.To restore your Whats App messages from a backup, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

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