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This study was undertaken over a three month period from 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2018 and looked at 12 million mobile users across the UK, US, France, Spain and Italy.

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In contrast, only 57% of Bumble’s users were active, and only 5.9% of these users visited the app 4.5 times per week or more.

Meanwhile, both JSwipe (an app for Jewish singles) and Silver Singles (a dating app for over 55s) have found small but dedicated followings, boasting higher user engagement than any other apps at 100%.

tries online dating is that they know of heard of “someone” who has meet “someone” online.

I submit to you the following: WE ARE ALL TALKING ABOUT THE SAME COUPLE (who just happen to have a wide circle of friends).

On Tinder this figure is even higher, with roughly one female user for every nine male users.

• Tinder is UK’s most popular online dating service, followed by Plenty of Fish, Badoo, Grindr and then Bumble.

If it sounds like I have just had a bad experience on lonely.suckers.com*, then you’re right. millions can no doubt be made.) The sad truth is, it wasn’t even the worst experience I have ever had using my computer to find a future… It’s just that when I recently gave online dating another try, enough time had passed that I forgotten what a stinking cesspool it can be.

But to be serious, I realized that the key problem that haunts all but the Kens and Barbies amongst us are the photos which accompany a person’s online profile. At least wait until after I meet you to find out you’re a Neanderthal.

I hadn’t been impressed with christianmingle, although it has been some years since I’ve tried it.

Ironically, the most disturbing dating sites I have encountered have been “Christian.” But perhaps I’ll post about that another time.

47% of British dating app users are between 18 and 34, rising to over 67% for Tinder.

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