Casanova dating com

Through the use of geotag search you can meet girls in schools you never studied in and in clubs you never went too.You can pipeline your trips while having access to majority of the girls and not just a desperate 10% who registered on Russian cupid or similar.

but they will not forget your dingy green gym full of sweaty wrinkly old people!

They will forget that you are athletic, they will forget that you work out every week... Don’t add 4 syllable adjectives and adverbs to everything you talk about.

Observe your Instagram activity, if you see a like from her, she swallowed the bate. It is hard to convey value in a loud nightclub, now you saved your vocal cords while getting a better ROI.

A lot of times dating process consists of displaying value and building trust, this takes time and money.

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And 99% of time they are scrolling through their Instagram feed.

There is this hit and run tactics I have been working on.

Think of it as you are playing a game in which you are growing that character who’s level increases with time, as opposed to Mario when you start all over again every time you fail. Approach a group of girls and get all of their Instagram and later message the one who does not have a boyfriend.

Most people view Instagram game primarily as an online game form. You can use Instagram to slide into the DMs and get dates and more.

It does not conflict with any style, and only serves as a tool to improve it, plus it provides some unique ways of meeting girls.

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