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Welcome to this year's 38th issue of Distro Watch Weekly!

Earlier this year, after several delays in its development, Mageia 6 was released.

This review is the second time that I have really had the chance to use a current version of Plasma for all of my daily tasks for a couple of weeks.

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Other than those things, Mageia's KDE desktop is pretty standard and comes with all the typical software.

Firefox 52 ESR, Libre Office 5.3, GIMP, VLC media player, and the standard selection of KDE software come installed by default. I did not need to add much to the system to get things customized to my liking.

Most non-developer users could probably get by with using Mageia as-is with the possible exception of needing to install patent-encumbered codecs for media playback.

As I have noted in past reviews, I am a GNOME user.

In our News section we discuss Manjaro Linux being bundled with laptop hardware, KDE's Plasma Mobile on Purism's open phone and Dragon Fly BSD allowing people to set up HAMMER2 volumes from inside the project's system installer.

Then, in our Questions and Answers column, we discuss the practical benefits and drawbacks of completely free operating systems.

It is familiar enough and polished enough (though, like most open source software, not entirely free from rough edges) that anyone looking for a traditional style of desktop could use it comfortably.

Mageia's implementation, in particular, is very nice.

There is also an image that Mageia refers to as the classical installer, which is a traditional non-live install image.

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