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Stetson Quality Designations, Just What Do Those Xs Mean, Anyway?Everyone wants to know what the heck Stetson means by those “genuine” Xs. Observations on Fedora Sweatbands, Size Tags, and Fedora Dating Tips Wherein we help you date your Stetson using the tags noted.

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If the hat is in great shape, though, go ahead and turn it out.

But be aware that a leather sweatband is NOT made to be constantly flipped in and out of the hat.

It is not usually safe to flip sweatbands in and out on an older hat.

So, once you see your reorder and size tags, best to take a photo of them and then never flip that sweatband out again if you can help it!

On that tag is a style number, a block number, and a size, etc.

With this innovative system a customer never had to guess what sort of hat he had and never had to be forced to try a new style when his old hat wore out. It was also a way for Stetson to keep track of what was going on in the factory.The following is what collectors know so far about dating a Stetson.This information is always changing as collectors are finding out more and more and newer vintage examples come to light.Hatters may suggest that the sweat be turned out when drying a modern, newly made hat, but this is NOT a good habit on vintage hats for the reason noted above.A leather sweatband is generally manufactured to stay flipped inward to hold the proper shape of the hat opening but the bigger problem is age.As with all dating systems for Stetsons, exact, to the year dating is nearly impossible simply because Stetson’s records have long since been destroyed.

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