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Play your cards close to your chest and you might miss out, for me it’s all about putting in the effort and hoping that the reward of a cougar pussy comes with it!Alena Croft is sexy as hell and she has probably always looked good and been popular.

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Instead, she starts flirting with a man in great shape, who she thinks is a waiter.

They escape to a private spot and things get hot and heavy.

You feel like those horny cougar babes need every inch of you.

While it is nice to have confidence, just like anything you can have too much of it.

He should also know when he isn’t and when the time comes to pull back he does it without blinking.

As amazing as it is banging an older woman it does have its drawbacks.

There is also this link to find even more porn network deals.

If you’re still associating Hustler with some dusty old magazines you found under your father’s bed, you need to wake up and smell the hardcore action they are churning out now days.

I’ve had my fair share of so called "booty" calls before but this really did put the icing on the cake.

A real man knows when he’s playing his cards right.

When a girl is dripping wet and begging for dick if you slide your finger into her ass she’ll push back on you and get even fucking wetter. I just ease them into it with a finger or my tongue or even a toy first then I give them the cock and they’re hooked before you know it.

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