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Here is what thousands of hours of chat time has taught me.

IRC, otherwise known as Internet Relay Chat, is one of the oldest and most popular forms of Computer Mediated Communication.

Originally given away by Mardem-Bey, he can no longer spend his time developing the program without some financial assistance, and asks for a nominal shareware fee.

Diversity is celebrated, as people strive to learn from each other.

It seems that on IRC, the only barrier is language; geographical barriers have been torn down.

In a column on the left of the screen is a list of names that is being constantly updated, with as many as four or five hundred names listed. In that list of names could be people from every inhabited continent, sharing ideas, cultures, and customs.

Stereotypes are broken down and understanding is promoted.

By the end of 1988, IRC was spreading throughout the Internet.

Within two years, there were more than 200,000 people using the software to communicate. 179) The software transformed from a computer application to a computer institution. A client piece of software is used to link up with a server, where hundreds of other clients are connected.I talked with the new owners, Juan Carlos & Sindi Ortiz and they are very nice folks! On this screen is a program running with text messages scrolling up at a rapid pace. What is happening is instant communication with people all over the world.Now we use it for quick communications between departments, trading links, sharing articles from online, discussing technologies in an open forum, discussing infrastructure changes or proposing changes. We recently have actually configured various systems like IDS, syslog, also dump to dedicated channels and use it as a throw away log dumping medium. #dblogs want to see how the live web cluster is doing #weblogs want to see IDS reports in real time #idslogs.Many weeks ago, somebody suggested on our yammer (business social network) that we should set up an irc channel for the people who work here.

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