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The Honey Trees began officially in 2008 and it wasn’t long before Nashville producer Charlie Peacock discovered their Myspace and decided to give them a shot in his studio to record their first EP isn’t lacking in stunning beauty and deliberate musicianship, it’s obvious that during the four years between this and their next album the duo made leaps and bounds with composition, variety, and fullness of sound. This changes a lot because his vocals add so much in the means of harmony and beauty.

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Soon Wick comes in to instill pleasant harmonies that waver throughout the track.

Then Wick gets his turn to open with the next track “Still I Try”.

On top of everything they write beautiful lyrics, too; “So I try to keep you by my side / I’ll let things go to make this right / A kiss to change your mind / But still I lose you every time”.

The melancholy message of a lover gone awry isn’t atypical but the dreamy state in which it’s presented is what makes it unique in this track.

I suppose it sounds a bit cliche, but I've always had a love for singing!

My family is very musical so I've been surrounded by music and singing my entire life.

But The Honey Trees weren’t looking for hype; they were looking for magic. With Bright Fire, Becky Filip and Jacob Wick finally cast their charm.

Ambling and melodic, The Honey Trees’ latest collection of songs conjures a world filled with golden-hour sunlight and meadows echoing with birdsong.

“He helped us achieve the magical, dreamy, otherworldliness we always strive for when writing music.” Building on the songwriting skill and bell-clear voices they showcased in their 2009 EP, Wake the Earth, (recorded with The Civil Wars producer, Charlie Peacock) The Honey Trees have grown into a fuller sound, embellishing tracks like the mournful “Siren” with cascading strings and populating Bright Fire with little bursts of horns and other trimmings. Everything The Honey Trees do is a labor of love — from the songs they craft “to let people know they’re cared for no matter what,” to their merch and album art, which Becky, an illustrator, and Jacob, a graphic designer, make themselves.

As always, however, the vocals are the backbone of every song, with Becky’s crystalline voice sharing duties with Jacob’s smooth tenor and effortless falsetto as they explore themes of love and loss. The magic they poured into Bright Fire may have been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.

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