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As soon as the workers entered the area, the adults could be heard calling and dive bombing them, to defend their eyrie (nest) and young.

As they have grown and demanded more attention, the remaining egg did not hatch.

All young seem to have been getting plenty of care and have been well fed by both adults.

Pushing (by disturbing them) the birds to fledge early can be disastrous.

Since they are unable to fly on their own and without much skill, they often land below or another ledge or end up on the streets below.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, June 16, starting at approximately am, window washers entered the rooftop area (41st floor) where the falcon nestbox is located.

The eyases (young falcons) were 5-6 weeks old and very close to fledging, so this is a very dangerous time for them to be disturbed.On June 21, BM/13 was located and also taken to The Raptor Trust.Currently the one eyas (BM/18) remains near the nestbox/ledge.Later that day a volunteer nest watcher visited the area and saw one eyas on a lower ledge.On June 18, BM/17 was found on the ground and was captured and transported to The Raptor Trust.It was their first time producing their own brood of three healthy female falcons.

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