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The Commonwealth Courts Portal is an initiative of the Family Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.It provides web-based services for clients to access information about cases before the courts.Then their diet changes to Silver Gulls of which they catch from a small breeding colony on the wrecks in Homebush Bay.

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This second chick now has a better chance having "caught up" a little with its sibling. The chick was first seen at around in the night, at 40 days from lay. We noticed a crack a few days ago, but it has been hard to get a clear view of progress.

The first chick hatched will always be bigger and stronger than the second, giving it a "headstart" in life. Background noise makes it hard to hear if the chick is cheeping from the egg, as we have observed in the past.

Although the eggs were laid some 73 hours apart, we expect the second to catch up and hatch closer to the first. Both eggs are quite stained from leaves in the nest.

We assume the older egg is more stained and will be the first to Hatch. Incubation continues with a very cold night last night.

The study again revealed delayed incubation between the laying of the two eggs. One chick died at just over 4 weeks from hatch, as a result of sibling rivalry. After an accident when her wing was caught in a branch, she was taken into care and eventually released after successful rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone for your interest and support of this project. Both chicks are growing and developing nest skills - moving around the bowl, picking up scraps, moving sticks.

For the latest observations, click on ' Eagle Diary' below. Well we need the rain, but they are really to big to fit under the female now. Both eagle chicks are now thriving and this morning the male brought in a large whiting. Today both were feeding the chicks, and themselves. Some sibling aggression this week, with SE23 pecking and pulling at SE24. there is a little aggression between the two still, but both seem to be thriving, with often bulging crops. This is the juvenile recently released after care for her injured wing and rehabilitation. Both chicks seem to be getting stronger and are feeding well.

DEA’s annual conference empowers medical professionals and medical students from across Australia and beyond to skill up, get motivated and to address the biggest challenge and opportunity facing doctors today— the human health impacts of the environment and climate change.

Over the course of the conference, there will be around 4 hours of time devoted to Open Space.

Our resident White-bellied Sea-Eagles are busy in their current breeding cycle, at their previous nest from last year.

In the 2018 breeding season, our Sea-Eagles nested in the Nature Reserve forest, and 2 eggs were laid. We hope the 2019 breeding season will be successful.

We see them duetting and mating, as well as renovating the nest with sticks and fresh leaves. The nest is getting bigger, with the eagles bringing in sticks to build up the rails, or edges of the nest, and leaves for lining. She then flew straight to a tree in the Nature Reserve, not far from her nest.

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